All-Live-LiveWrong Sydney, Kid: Shocked Teen Lands in Snowy Canada Instead of Australia

He didn't realize there was more than one Sydney until he was already on the plane.Careless teenager Milan Schipper was in for quite the surprise when boarding a recent flight he thought was headed for Sydney, Australia.

14 features hidden in this travel jacket

The weather in Melbourne is notably unexpected, changing from bright and sunny to wet and stormy in a matter of minutes. Leaving the house, Airbnb, or hotel with outfits for every situation is asking a lot — especially when you've only got a small suitcase to store things in — so one designer created the ultimate jacket for those looking to visit Melbourne, or any destination with unpredictable weather, really.

New events in Mexico

It’s raining tequila, hallelujah, it’s raining tequila.Mexico has created a cloud that rains tequila.

This City Had No Monuments to Women — Until Seven Popped up Overnight

But they’re only temporary.Scattered across New York City are statues of important women throughout history, including a valiant Joan of Arc riding a horse across Riverside Park, and a fountain dedicated to the first woman to serve on the state’s board of charities, Josephine Shaw Lowell.