All-Live-LiveLove Flying? Get Married in the Cockpit of a Retired Boeing 767

You can also spend your wedding night sleeping in a train, ship, bus, or cab.Starting next year, couples interested in an eclectic wedding venue can get married inside a 159-foot-long, retired Boeing 767.

All-Live-LiveSamira Wiley and Lauren Morelli Are Having a Magical Honeymoon at Disneyland

Their fairytale wedding continues.This story originally appeared on Time.com.Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli are continuing their dreamy romance, post-wedding, with a magical trip to Disneyland.

All-Live-Live14 Genius Tips for Keeping Kids Happy on Long Flights, From a Cabin Crew

When the children are happy, so are Mom and Dad (and everyone else on the airplane). It's hard enough keeping yourself entertained and comfortable on a long-haul flight (though it definitely helps to fly in a premium cabin with a full-service bar and shower spa). And for travelers with small children, the task can feel nearly impossible.

All-Live-LiveFly to Dublin for Just $362 Round-trip

Travelers looking to explore the rich history and magnificent coastal scenery of Dublin, Ireland, can now do so at a fraction of the price.